BIAMI is easy to use, secure and scalable enterprise-ready framework to automate your work and build business process driven software, platforms and robots.
With BIAMI you can define your business processes using tools you know like Microsoft Excel® or Google Spreadsheet® and translates them into automated web services running in the cloud or embedded into your smart IoT devices.
With sharing, collaboration and change management features you can build improve and launch new services with no downtime.
Available plugins and processes let you integrate with your existing systems. You can extend BIAMI with your own plugins to get new functionality.


DevOps 2.0

BIAMI is a DevOps 2.0 type of framework that empowers business users with capabilities to deliver and manage products and services. Use BIAMI to automate easy tasks as well as complex business processes with dynamic parameters, different contexts, etc. BIAMI connects to external sources to manage resource lifecycle and deliver performance with artificial intelligence.

BIAMI bridges the gap between DevOps automation and business users to deliver automation solutions managed by business experts where different context results in different automation executions.