Business Process Automation

Increase your productivity, raise standards, develop best of breed products and services and optimize costs with business process automation. BIAMI automates simple tasks as well as complex business processes. Traditional automation tools will automate IT infrastructure setup or simple operations. With BIAMI you can completely automate complex business scenarios with advanced requirements, dynamic parameters, contexts, business rules, intelligence, etc. Its tiny size and OS independence let you run BIAMI on most of IoT devices. Scalable microservice architecture let you run BIAMI in the cloud and handling millions of requests per second.

Business Process as a Service

Scale your business with your own Business Process as a Service Platform. Expose your automated processes as a service in a scalable architecture for internal or external use. Increase the bandwidth without employing more staff by exposing your business processes. Empower business users to take full responsibility on how automated business processes work and scale them in the cloud. Expose service catalog to your customers and partners and let them request your services on demand or integrate with 3rd party systems.

Enterprise Cloud Transformation

Start offering your existing enterprise non-cloud-native application in the cloud. Eliminate your service bandwidth issues and let your ecosystem use your cloud services today. Expose your services in the cloud and build your own business process driven platforms as a service. Increase customer satisfaction and offer new ways of engagement when lowering the cost of automated back office.

Internet of Things

Make your devices smart and secure. Create APIs and offer better services. Manage hassle free service upgrade and new service launch. Process data locally with secure cloud connectivity to send data only when required.