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BIAMI.IO Dev is an optimized, tiny in size software, written in Java with embedded SQLite database that you can run on anything: from RaspberryPI through Desktops and Servers to any Cloud.

The purpose is very simple: create templates for repeatable automation processes with the possibility to add parameters (=context) that can be changed each time you execute the automation process.
Automation processes can be requested to run with different parameters each time. Think of repeatable process like creating and sending pdf reports based on a common template to each of your customers. Another example is to onboard your new customer. Each of them require to have a simple process to be executed with different parameters.

Every process can have many stages and multiple tasks per stage. Processes can be described in 2 different ways: high-level business tasks and detailed technical automation tasks. You can use filters to display description that fits your profile.

Automation processes can be forked or extended and improved.

Available Commands

BIAMI.IO Dev Core is the main engine to manage automation requests and run them. It executes automation processes via scripts with defined parameters in stages.
There are few commands available:

Default setting, processes all new requests with requested parameters or displays available options if there’s nothing to process.

Adds new request for defined task (=automation process) with option to request specific stage of the task list only (for testing purposes) and update context via setting values for specific parameters.

Remote request
Adds new request for defined task (=automation process) from remote repository.

Update existing and download additional missing execution scripts.

Executes specific individual task.

Mark task as done
Does exactly what it’s called. It can be used to debug broken processes or to mark human tasks as done.

Process the same tasks multiple times with different parameters locally or remotely.

Import new task
Imports a new process from import.tsv file based in temp directory.

Remove task
Removes tasks from task list.

Display help information for specific process (taskid).

Debug mode
Run task execution in debug mode.

Log mode
Run task execution and save execution history in a log file.

Displays version of your BIAMI installation.

Blocking some of core features
Some core features can be blocked by placing specific files in core folder.
Currently supported: noprocess, noimport, noremove, noupdate, noforce, nosoap, nogettasklist, nodone, noremote.

You can have local repository of your task lists as well as remote repositories.
Remote repositories can be publicly available to anyone or password protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What programming language can I use to write a new script?
Scripts can be written in any programming language that can be executed on the platform that you will run them on.

Where can I ask my question?
Use contact us page to ask any questions.

How can I write my own script?
The easiest way to learn to write your own script is to copy one of the existing scripts and modify it.

How do I write my own process?
You can create a new clean automation process design or copy an existing one, modify it, save as .tsv file and import it.

I did something wrong, how to start again?
Remove db/pro_cess.db file and update BIAMI.IO DEV (–-context_param cmd=update).

Where can I get support?
You can purchase commercial support, please contact us.


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