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Tuesday, June 1 2021, 5pm in London, 6pm in Berlin, 10am in San Francisco

10X Your Business with BIAMI.IO Partnership

Automation journey in 3 steps

A guide to successful enterprise-grade Intelligent Automation to automate your business processes.

1. Install

2. Design & Test

  • Create your first automation process.
  • Design your automation: define steps and stages in your process.
  • Translate business tasks into automation tasks & optimize.
  • Define parameters.
  • Import into BIAMI DEV environment.
  • Test & debug.
  • Ask for help & we'll share best practices!

3. Run & Improve

  • Get BIAMI.IO EE and build your test and all pre-production environments.
  • Set up automation clusters and secure production environments.
  • Automate your processes, launch APIs and web services.
  • Run your Automation Platform.
  • Build the ecosystem, share and improve!
  • Manage resources and lifecycles with BIAMI.IO Resource Manager.
  • Scale your automation to meet SLA with BIAMI.IO Performance Manager.