10X Performance

Apply intelligent automation within your business operations. Let your teams focus on 10X business performance improvements while delivering high-quality standard operations through automated business processes that are easy to design, run and improve.

All-in-One Bundle

A cost-effective managed services including infrastructure, software, support and expert resources for your intelligent automation journey.

IA as a Service

Outsource your intelligent automation and benefit from the hyperautomation through our managed services with industry expertise and expert resources delivered by our business partners.

All Inclusive

Build complex solutions including frontend apps, web services, business process-driven scalable backends with microservices using a complete BIAMI technology stack.


Build your complete automation solutions including intelligent business services that can be easily launched in production with BIAMI Enterprise Edition and Support.

Citizen Development

Built-in business language description capabilities translated into technology let business power users design automation processes, implement changes and re-use previously designed elements.


Citizen Developer Lab

Managed VM Infrastructure.
BIAMI EE Non-Prod Cluster.
Developer Support.
No Dev Hours Included.
Monthly Subscription.

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Starter Lab

3 x Managed VM Infrastructure.
3 x BIAMI EE Non-Prod Cluster.
3 x Developer Support.
30 x Dev Hours.
Monthly Subscription.

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8 x Managed VM Infrastructure.
8 x BIAMI EE Non-Prod Cluster.
8 x Developer Support.
80 x Dev Hours.
Monthly Subscription.

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A tailored "Intelligent Automation as a Service" proposition including production environments and managed services, bundled with complementary services provided by our business partners.

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