Intelligent Automation for the People

BIAMI.IO automates simple tasks as well as complex business processes.

Enterprise Intelligent Automation Platform

Increase your productivity, raise standards, develop best of breed products, services and processes together with optimized operating costs and automation in the cloud, at scale.

Enterprise Cloud Transformation

Start offering your existing non-cloud-native application in the cloud.

Embedded Automation for Smart Devices

Make your devices smart and secure.

What will you automate today?

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Products & Services


Free, open source software to develop and test automation.

BIAMI Personal Cloud

Fully managed automation service in the cloud for personal and non-commercial use.

BIAMI Enterprise Edition

Business Process Automation Framework to build, operate and manage production-ready Business Process as a Service Platforms, smart IoT devices and cloud services.

BIAMI Resource Management

Resource management and product lifecycle management for BIAMI Enterprise Edition.

BIAMI Performance Management

Performance management cloud service for BIAMI Enterprise Edition to deliver flexible automation in elastic and scalable infrastructure and meet automation SLA.


Support, hosting and fully managed services with SLA.

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Selected Use Cases

Automated information screening and data extraction with initial interactions in order to generate 2,000+ new leads per month, solution delivered within 60 days.

Lead Generation Bot for Leading Software Company

A new custom service designed and delivered within weeks on average. Complex software scenarios handled together with integration of CRM and invoicing system.

Service Catalog and Business Process Automation for Leading Service Provider

External business processes to automate integration with 3rd party systems as well as running background checks and processes before integration happens.

Complex Business Process Automation for Leading Online Retailer

Business process driven application development with common user interface.

Common Standards and Best Practice within International Application Development Project for Top 10 European Bank

10,000+ invites per month sent to qualified potential innovation members, automated content screening and scoring, 90% of bad content automatically eliminated within a day from its submission.

Innovation community for Top 10 Global Telco