10X Performance

Get 10X business performance with advanced business cloud services provisioning and operations with context-aware IT & Business Process Intelligent Automation.


Run "anything as a service", internally and externally, with advanced provisioning and operations, built-in resource lifecycle management and integrations with subscription payment systems.

Managed Services

Outsource your cloud-native, digital transformation and benefit from the hyperautomation through our managed services with industry expertise and expert resources delivered by our business partners.

Technology Agnostic

BIAMI Intelligent Automation runs on any cloud, on-premise and on most IoT devices. Most of the operating systems are supported as well as Intel, AMD and ARM hardware architectures.

Cloud migration

Optimize the cost of your IT infrastructure and benefit from our experience and "lift and shift" automation solutions for many IT systems, architectures and cloud providers.

Best Practice

Access to our reference architectures and transformation templates accelerate the design of your new, cloud-native business cloud services and platforms.

Intelligent ITSM

Monitor, investigate and fix. 24x7 fault prevention and incident response with BIAMI Intelligent Sentry Bots for your infrastructure, applications, data and security, integrated with your existing ITSM tools.


Citizen Developer Lab

Managed VM Infrastructure.
BIAMI EE Non-Prod Cluster.
Developer Support.
No Dev Hours Included.
Monthly Subscription.

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Starter Lab

3 x Managed VM Infrastructure.
3 x BIAMI EE Non-Prod Cluster.
3 x Developer Support.
30 x Dev Hours.
Monthly Subscription.

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8 x Managed VM Infrastructure.
8 x BIAMI EE Non-Prod Cluster.
8 x Developer Support.
80 x Dev Hours.
Monthly Subscription.

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A tailored "Outsourced Anything as a Service" proposition including production environments and managed services, bundled with complementary services provided by our business partners.

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