10X Performance

10X performance improvement in building your software platforms, web and mobile applications and APIs using robust, enterprise-grade, scalable cloud architecture based on BIAMI business process-driven automation technology.

Citizen Development

Let business power users build and maintain your technology solutions supported by a small team of experts to maintain technical aspects of citizen development and deliver all the required building blocks.

Managed Services

Outsource your platform development and benefit from citizen development through our managed services with industry expertise and development resources delivered by our business partners.

SaaS Platform

Scale your business and start offering your added value proposition with self-serviced software as a service platform.

Web & Mobile Apps

Build internal and external applications within weeks and not months, designed by your business power users, without having large and costly software development teams.

APIs & Data as a Service

Build integration for your existing software, data and technology, or launch a new business data access offering with your managed, scalable API platform.


Citizen Developer Lab

Managed VM Infrastructure.
BIAMI EE Non-Prod Cluster.
Developer Support.
No Dev Hours Included.
Monthly Subscription.

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Starter Lab

3 x Managed VM Infrastructure.
3 x BIAMI EE Non-Prod Cluster.
3 x Developer Support.
30 x Dev Hours.
Monthly Subscription.

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8 x Managed VM Infrastructure.
8 x BIAMI EE Non-Prod Cluster.
8 x Developer Support.
80 x Dev Hours.
Monthly Subscription.

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A tailored "Intelligent Automation as a Service" proposition including production environments and managed services, bundled with complementary services provided by our business partners.

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