10X Performance

Intelligent automation can greatly reduce bottlenecks and significantly boost your business performance.

At BIAMI.IO, built with our own software framework, we’re offering solutions, technology and support to help our customers to benefit from intelligent automation at scale. Our offering includes easy to use managed services and technology with support to automate simple as well as advanced business processes.

Intelligent Business Development

Deliver 10X performance for your sales team and let your SDR Teams manage business development at scale. Our Intelligent SDR Services automates B2B lead generation to deliver a highly-qualified sales pipeline.

Intelligent Business Operations

Apply intelligent automation within your business operations and improve the performance of your teams by 10X. Let your teams focus on business improvements while delivering high-quality standard operations via fully automated business processes that are easy to implement, run and improve.

Intelligent Business Services

Don’t let your business proposition to be a bottleneck and start offering subscription-based services in an “as a service” model. Using BIAMI.IO Intelligent Automation software framework you can automate the provisioning of very advanced services including cloud and on-premise infrastructure integrated with your business systems.