Intelligent Automation for the People

BIAMI.IO automates simple tasks as well as complex business processes. Everyone can describe automation process in an easy way and using language that they understand. When traditional automation tools automate specific simple processes, with BIAMI.IO you can automate complex business scenarios with advanced requirements, dynamic behaviors and context, business rules and built-in intelligence. BIAMI.IO includes extendable framework to let you create new automation features to integrate with any system and meet 100% of your needs. Its small size and operating system independence let you run automation on most of the hardware from small IoT devices, through desktops and servers up to the cloud of your choice. Scalable microservice architecture let you run BIAMI.IO on a flexible infrastructure and handle a very large number of requests per second.

Intelligent Automation for the People


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DevOps 2.0

BIAMI is a DevOps 2.0 type of framework that empowers business users with capabilities to deliver and manage business processes, products and services. Use BIAMI to automate easy tasks as well as complex business processes with dynamic parameters, different contexts, etc. BIAMI connects to external sources to manage resource lifecycle and deliver performance with artificial intelligence.