, a company that helps businesses with 10X Growth, has announced that it has added the AI-generated content engine to its Managed Intelligent Marketing offering.

The new offering is available now at

Intelligent Marketing generates inbound leads using social media, newsletters, email and other channels. It includes a lot of content generation, and it’s the most time-consuming part of the process. 

Intelligent Marketing has a solution to it now, and its AI-generated content engine significantly reduces the time to create new content. For example, it takes 30 minutes to make a new, SEO-friendly press release, down from a few days. Likewise, it takes another 30 minutes for marketing teams to amend and approve social media content and blog posts for the whole week. 

AI-generated content gives a lot of time back to your Marketing teams.

Intelligent Marketing platform, unlike most other tools, takes care of a whole inbound lead generation area focusing on results. Unfortunately, building the content engine at scale that converts requires a lot of content to be written. It’s a single, the most time and resource-consuming part of the process and the most expensive. We fix it now with an AI-generated content engine that doesn’t replace people but automates 80% of the task and delivers content that is no different from a hand-written one.” said Marcin Kierdelewicz, CEO at, “I’m glad we do that while keeping the $2,400 per month subscription for the managed service”.

By improving the capabilities of the Intelligent Marketing platform, allows customers to invest in new tools, processes and technologies without spending too much on upfront migration costs before seeing any ROI from their investment.