Today, continuing our commitment to building the best intelligent automation proposition on the market, we’re taking another step to make it easier for our customers to manage their intelligent automation solutions deployments. We’re pleased to announce the release of BIAMI Automation Cluster Management, a service to automate the provisioning of the infrastructure and automation clusters in order to deploy automation solutions in minutes.

With BIAMI Automation Cluster Management, our customers can:

  • significantly decrease the time to value for their intelligent automation solutions,
  • increase the adoption and number of successful intelligent automation implementations across the enterprise,
  • generate new revenue streams with fully automated catalog and service provisioning,
  • save cost thought replacement of tasks with intelligent automation solutions,
  • increase the quality of business processes and efficiency across the enterprise.

Traditionally, it took the customer a few weeks to launch an automated solution. The larger solution with more services, automation clusters and processes, the longer it took. Secure infrastructure provisioning added more time for complex deployments in hybrid environments. BIAMI Automation Cluster Management significantly reduces that time with fully automated infrastructure provisioning and automation cluster deployment, both for testing and production clusters and service catalog deployments at scale with as many clusters, nodes and processes as you need. Now it takes just a few minutes to provision, decommission or re-deploy even a very complex solution.

BIAMI Automation Cluster Management comes free of charge with your BIAMI Enterprise Edition subscription.

It is configured using user-friendly deployment template spreadsheets, easy to integrate with your existing software and business processes.

BIAMI Automation Cluster deployment templates are part of the BIAMI Automation solution template and BIAMI Automation Cluster Management services are accessible from BIAMI process repository available for anyone, also included in BIAMI DEV free software.