, a company that helps businesses with 10X Growth, has announced that it reached a new milestone with over 1 million AI-driven conversations on its sales automation platforms.

The 10X Growth offering includes two platforms: Intelligent SDR for business development and outbound B2B lead generation and Intelligent Marketing to set up thought leadership and win ecosystems using a content engine with AI-generated content. In addition, the company will release the third platform: Intelligent Sales, to boost the performance of account executives and revenue for product-led companies.
Businesses are adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help them make better business decisions. In other words, companies are beginning to leverage AI to make more accurate predictions, identify trends, find insights and respond to specific events. leads with AI and has applied artificial intelligence within its platforms for several years.

Recently, they announced reaching a milestone with over 1 million AI-driven conversations.

“Most outreach tools available today automate one communication channel, and their features are limited. It means that companies need to use a dozen of tools to support their business development efforts: 2 separate tools to automate email and LinkedIn outreach, separate tools to enrich data and build target lists. Our approach is different from the beginning. We’re providing an integrated platform to replace all those tools with top data quality enrichment and support for three communication channels: LinkedIn, email and phone, with more coming soon. More, most of the existing tools stop working when prospect replies, with over half of replies being “No, thank you” or having nothing to do with intent to buy. Our approach is different, and our AI-driven platform can recognise the responses and reply without human interaction. As a result, it saves at least 1 hour per day for every user and, in practice, saves 15% of the time.” said Marcin Kierdelewicz, CEO at, “It’s great to see the competitive advantage our AI gives us. Out users only focus on conversations with buying signals, and we see the best SDRs generating 4-5 new leads every day.”

This remarkable achievement confirms that AI-driven platforms give a competitive advantage on the market today, and wants to lead with further investments into artificial intelligence. Recently, they announced an AI-generated content engine to significantly reduce the time to write new content as part of their Intelligent Marketing proposition.