New product release from automation experts BIAMI.IO

Leading automation technology provider, BIAMI.IO has announced exciting new updates to its ground-breaking business process automation framework product portfolio.

Making short work of intelligent automation

BIAMI.IO is delighted to announce the launch of a new version of its software which will add new capabilities to the implementation of new intelligent automation solutions. Top new features include elastic robotic workforce to meet business SLA and intelligent behaviours to act accordingly to the situation.

To ensure the success of automation implementation for the customers, BIAMI.IO is launching:

  •   BIAMI Assisted Launch – An automation implementation program to deliver return on investment during the first few months of using the BIAMI intelligent automation technology
  •   BIAMI Performance Manager – An automation orchestration tool to build elastic robotic workforce
  •   BIAMI Business Console – An automation console for business managers

Intelligent Automation for the people

BIAMI.IO says that, although its software is used mainly for the enterprise sector, individuals should be able to benefit from the power of automation too. We’re delighted to announce the launch of BIAMI Personal Cloud where anyone can try, test and run BIAMI automation processes at no cost.

The future of intelligent automation

Founded in 2017 after a few years of product development, BIAMI.IO is easy to use, secure and scalable enterprise-ready framework to build intelligent business process driven software, platforms and robots. Where traditional robotic automation tools automate simple tasks, BIAMI.IO automates simple tasks as well as complex business process scenarios with advanced requirements, dynamic behaviors and context, business rules and built-in intelligence.

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